Lane R.

Lane R.

The day of the accident started like any other day. Lane Rhoades, 22, woke up early and got himself ready for work. At 6 am he hopped into his old pickup truck and left his house. Lane grew up in that home and he worked hard to earn enough money to buy the house from his parents.

On his way to work, Lane's truck was struck head-on by another vehicle. When emergency personnel arrived, they needed to use the jaws of life to extract Lane from the truck. Because his truck is older, it had no airbags. Fortunately, Lane was wearing his seatbelt. Many professionals have told him that's the only thing that kept him from being ejected from the vehicle.

While the seat belt likely saved Lane's life, he still suffered serious injuries in the accident. He was airlifted to Sanford in Bismark where he spent ten hours in surgery. Lane spent the next seven days sedated in the ICU. Unfortunately, Lane developed pneumonia in both lungs and sepsis throughout his body. Doctors put him on a course of antibiotics. After another eight days in the ICU, Lane woke from his sedation. He spent two more weeks at Sanford and underwent another surgery to fix his right ankle.

At this point, Lane was ready to move to the next stage of his recovery. He transferred to Vibra Hospital of the Central Dakotas to continue healing.

Because of all his broken bones, Lane had difficulty moving when he first arrived at Vibra. He required tube feeding to meet his nutritional needs and had multiple wounds the needed to continue healing. Vibra's interdisciplinary care team developed an individualized plan of care for Lane and got right to work.

The dietary team began advancing Lane's nutrition by introducing small bites of soft foods. Every few days they increased his intake. As his nutrition improved, other areas of his recovery followed. His therapy sessions helped Lane regain his strength and movement while his wounds healed nicely.

Having made great progress, Lane discharged home from Vibra. "He has been doing well," said Lane's mother, Leslie. "Wow, what a miracle!" added Lane's case manager. Though to anyone who has met Lane, his success comes as no surprise.