Harold R.

Harold R.

For the last twenty years, Harold Radiloff enjoyed the freedom of retired life. The former environmental engineer spends his days with his wife of 29 years. Though retired, Harold and his wife remain active. They enjoy cooking together and taking brisk walks in the evenings. Harold spent three days a week at the health club and worked with a personal trainer.

Recently, falls have become a problem for Harold. "I have been struggling with my balance over the past several years," he noted. "I have fallen five or six times over the past year, but never received any injuries from the falls."

Then, Harold fell again.

"I had a fall at home in our condominium," Harold recalled. At 8pm, Harold got up to go to his bedroom, turned too quickly, and lost his balance. He landed on his side and hit his head. "My wife assisted me to bed, and after about fifteen minutes, I was in excruciating pain." His wife called the paramedics who transported Harold to the hospital. Unable to move his right leg, doctors performed an MRI. The test showed four fractures in Harold's pelvis.

To regain his independence, Harold chose to recover at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage. It's a decision Harold is glad he made.

"The professional team here at Vibra is outstanding," Harold noted. "I'm receiving both physical and occupational therapy and learning so much! I'm a vegetarian, and Vibra has gone out of their way to make sure I was offered my diet of choice. The dietician was very helpful. The entire staff, from the housekeepers to the CNAs, nurses, physicians, just seem like family. I appreciate the nurses so much for keeping my pain under control. Everyone goes out of their way to make sure my needs are met."

Harold draws on his lifelong dedication to his health as motivation. "I have spent my entire adult life exercising and watching my diet so staying healthy and not deteriorating in my senior years is so important!" Harold is also working hard to get back to his wife, who he hasn't seen because of COVID-19 safety protocols.

Success according to Harold is improving his balance and being able to walk independently at home. After discharge, he plans to spend time at his son's home at Lake Arrowhead for the remainder of the summer.