Deborah F.

Deborah F.

Deborah Ford arrived at Vibra Hospital of Richmond facing a long road to recovery. Deborah had just been through a difficult hospitalization at Memorial Regional Medical Center.

An abscess below Deborah's jaw first brought her to MRMC. After a surgical procedure on the abscess, Deborah faced a host of complications. These included septic shock, respiratory failure, acute kidney injury, and encephalopathy. A failed extubation led to a tracheostomy being placed. Deborah also required a PEG tube for nutrition. In need of a hospital specializing in medically complex patients, Deborah transferred to Vibra.

Within the first few days at Vibra, Deborah began making progress. Though she continued to experience an altered mental state, improvements were noticeable. After two weeks, Deborah weaned off the ventilator and was decannulated. Physical therapy helped Deborah regain her independence with transfers and ambulate up to 500 feet with a walker.

Deborah discharged home with home health. Both Deborah and her husband were extremely happy with her care and progress. And both were thankful for her return home. Due to COVID-19 visitor restrictions, Vibra staff helped coordinate FaceTime calls for the Fords. While grateful for those calls, nothing compares to being together at home.

Now home, Deborah continues to make progress. "She is doing great," David shared. "She is getting physical therapy and no longer requires a walker or cane. And her appetite is amazing!"