Mr. Unruh

Mr. Unruh

Mr. Unruh had just settled down on the couch to watch some television after dinner with his wife. It was a typical day for the computer technology teacher to that point. But it was about to take a turn for the worse. First, Mr. Unruh complained about being overheated, which he attempted to resolve by removing his sweater. Then, he felt a sudden, sharp pain in his chest. The pain radiated into his neck and shoulder. His wife took immediate action, calling 9-1-1.

An ambulance arrived, taking Mr. Unruh to Clark Memorial Hospital. Doctors performed a scope and discovered significant blockage in his chest. They quickly transferred him to Norton Hospital for further evaluation and treatment. The next morning, Mr. Unruh underwent a quadruple bypass. During the surgery, he suffered a stroke.

Mr. Unruh was semi-unconscious for the next nine days. He spent about a month in bed due to the effects of the brain bleed. This significant immobility caused Mr. Unruh to experience muscle atrophy, despite the efforts of physical therapists to keep his joints flexible. He lost all his strength. The stroke also caused memory deficits. Intubation left one of his vocal cords paralyzed. But gradually, Mr. Unruh began to gain more awareness and make progress in his recovery.

Now able to discharge to the next level of care, Mr. Unruh's family had a choice to make. They determined the right fit for his needs was at Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital.

When he arrived at SIRH, Mr. Unruh was on a feeding tube, trialing different meal and drink consistencies. His memory deficits had only begun to improve. His first few days of therapy were rough, but Mr. Unruh knew he had to put all his effort into healing. Tired of lying in bed, Mr. Unruh wanted to regain his independence enough to return home safely.

Soon, Mr. Unruh had done just that. Despite some residual fatigue, he could balance with the use of a walker. His diet progressed to regular food and liquid. Mr. Unruh discharged home with his wife, beginning outpatient therapy for continued refinement. Having shed the walker, he now works only with our outpatient speech therapists.

Mr. and Mrs. Unruh expressed their sincere thanks to the staff at SIRH for helping him recover. They wished to give a special "thank you" to his speech therapists, Mikinzie O’Neal and Rayna Stillwell; his occupational therapists, Rebecca Stoner and Chelsea Knifley and his physical therapist, Laura Fenton.