Ann K.

Ann K.

One Sunday morning, Ann Kenny was working on her computer when the phone rang. Her son, Dave, was on the line. As they spoke, Ann noticed her right arm began to tingle and she couldn't move the computer mouse. "I think I'm having a stroke," Ann said to her son. Dave called Ann's neighbor, Mark, to check on his mother, who lives alone with her dog, Patches.

While Dave was on the phone with Mark, Ann attempted to get up from her chair. "I fell on the floor and could not get up," she recalled. "I laid there, helpless on the kitchen floor. I was so frightened." Mark came over and sat with Ann until the emergency personnel arrived.

"I remember being so confused when the ambulance arrived and loaded me on the gurney to take me to the hospital," Ann noted. "I now know the confusion was from the stroke."

Emergency personnel transported Ann to Eisenhower Medical Center. "They did scans of my brain and confirmed my worst fear: that I did, indeed, have a stroke." Questions flooded her brain. "I was so scared, wondering if I would walk again and regain my independence, if I would go home again," Ann remembered.

Prior to the stroke, Ann was active in the antique business. She enjoyed shopping, lunch outings with her friends, and walks with Patches. She could drive, cook, and clean for herself. Now, that all seemed at risk.

Fortunately for Ann, there was a place that could help restore her independence: Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage. "My son spoke with the physician at [Eisenhower] who recommended he take a tour of Vibra," Ann stated. "Between the doctor and my son, they both said Vibra was the best hospital to help me regain my independence."

Ann arrived Vibra with specific goals. "I wanted to be independent and go back to enjoying time with friends and family without being a burden," she said. "I wanted to be able to eat regular food again, so I could enjoy those outings with my friends."

With the help of her therapists and nurses, Ann got to work on her goals. Michael, Ann's physical therapist, helped her regain the use of her right arm. Meanwhile, Ann's speech therapist, Summer, worked with her on swallowing so she could get back to a regular diet. They also provided encouragement through her therapy sessions. "They are so kind," Ann reflected. "They really lifted my spirits on days I felt discouraged, which gave me the push I needed to reach my therapy goals."

Ann is excited and ready for what the future holds.

"I am looking into moving into an assisted living facility so I can ensure people are around in the event something like this happens again," Ann shared. "I have one picked out, and I'm looking forward to meeting new people. I am also very excited about all o the activities my potential new home has to offer!"