Debbie M.

Debbie M.

Fragile. Very fragile.

That's the best way to describe Debbie Meschke's medical status when she admitted to Vibra Hospital of the Central Dakotas.

Debbie arrived at Vibra requiring a ventilator to help her breathe. Her survival depended upon being liberated from the vent. Given the state of Debbie's health, this would be a challenging task. The interdisciplinary team developed a careful and personalized plan of care. They got to work, with Debbie's husband, Daniel, by her side the whole time.

Over the next several weeks, Debbie faced several obstacles. But with Daniel supporting her, Debbie overcame them all. In three weeks' time, Debbie weaned off the ventilator completely. A few days later, doctors removed her tracheostomy tube. Not only did Debbie wean from the vent, but she required no supplemental oxygen, either.

Debbie also worked with physical, occupational, and speech therapies during this time. Speech therapy helped Debbie work toward talking, eating, and drinking again. To regain her balance and strength, she worked with physical therapy. Occupational therapy addressed her standing tolerance and developed a home exercise program.

As Debbie progressed, her case manager began coordinating the next steps. Another transplant evaluation was scheduled at the University of Minnesota. When Daniel spoke with the transplant coordinator, they couldn't believe what they heard. "It sounds too good to be true," they stated when calling Vibra to confirm.

Debbie discharged after six weeks, having made a tremendous recovery. She achieved all her goals, from breathing room air, talking, and eating, to regaining her mobility and completing her exercise independently.