Nancy C.

Nancy C.

Before her illness, Nancy Combs lived a busy life. She was an active mother and wife, enjoyed cooking and socializing daily. Nancy has a positive attitude and love for life that she would draw on as she recovered from respiratory failure.

As a result of respiratory failure, Nancy required a ventilator to breathe for her and a feeding tube to supply nutrition. To wean from the ventilator and begin to regain her strength, Nancy admitted to Vibra Hospital of Southeastern Michigan - Taylor Campus.

Nancy Combs came to Vibra Hospital of Southeastern Michigan - Taylor Campus for ventilator weaningNancy arrived at Vibra dependent on others for mobility and her activities of daily living (ADLs). During therapy sessions, Nancy needed frequent, extended rest breaks due to a combination of anxiety and respiratory and physical debility.

But Nancy persisted.

Her charismatic and independent personality pushed her through the anxiety, fatigue, pain, and stiffness. Determined to succeed, Nancy did just that. Working with physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapists, as well as Vibra's dietician, Nancy made excellent progress. Her bed mobility improved, as did her strength, enabling her to wean off the ventilator. Her swallowing deficits improved, allowing her to resume a diet of regular food. She regained her independence with ADLs, demonstrating good safety awareness.

Having conquered her goals, Nancy discharged home to her family in time for the holiday season. Congratulations, Nancy!