Alton M.

Alton M.

Alton Masters, a 37-year-old military veteran, suffers from systematic lupus. One August day, Alton was diagnosed with double pneumonia. He spent two weeks recovering in the hospital before returning home. But after a couple of weeks, Alton began experiencing shortness of breath. He returned to the hospital, where it was determined he had yeast in his lungs. During this stay, Alton was intubated and placed on a ventilator for several days.

As his respiratory condition improved, Alton was taken off the ventilator. But suddenly, he couldn't feel his arms and legs. Being unable to walk devastated Alton, given his age and prior activity level. But he was determined to do whatever it took to regain his strength and independence.

With his family's help, Alton began exploring what options were available to him. After doing his due diligence and consulting with friends and family, Alton decided on Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo. He chose Vibra due to recommendations both from people he knows, as well as his wife's doctor.

When he arrived at Vibra, Alton faced a major challenge: himself. "I was not in a good place mentally. I was very depressed and felt hopeless," he said.

Once he began with his physical therapist, Nede, that changed quickly. "She pushes you really hard, but you can tell that she really cares," Alton shared. "That is what I needed, was someone to push me past what I thought my limits were."

For the next three weeks, Alton put everything he had into his recovery. His motivation? Alton's children. "I didn't want them to see me like that,"  he said.

"I have made a lot of progress here and look forward to making more after leaving. While I am glad to be walking, even if I have to use a walker, I want to walk without it and not be afraid of falling."

Alton discharged home after his inpatient stay was completed. To further his recovery, Alton will work with outpatient therapy toward his next set of goals.