Karina R.

Karina R.

When Karina Reynosa went out for a run on one fateful June day, she never expected her life would change. But during that run, a drunk driver struck the 25-year-old. The accident was devastating. Karina suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and broken bones in her face, neck, arms, legs, and pelvis. The fractures caused internal bleeding.

Karina's injuries threatened her life. She required several surgeries and multiple blood transfusions to keep her alive. Once Karina made it through the surgeries, she transferred to Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland.


Arriving at Vibra, things didn't look good for Karina. She was nonresponsive, suffered from seizures, and required prolonged life support.

But over the next six weeks, Karina's recovery progressed in ways many believed impossible. During her first week at Vibra, Karina began to open her eyes, and by week two, she was following commands. Soon, she liberated from the ventilator.undefined

Communication soon followed. At first, she responded to her mother with single words. This grew into sentences. Before long, her speech was fluent in both English and Spanish.

Similarly, Karina's strength returned as she pushed herself in physical therapy. Her dedication to occupational therapy produced similar results with her fine motor skills.

Karina's two months at Vibra were only a small part of her journey -- a journey that started with facing adversity that most would not survive. Today, Karina is home with her family, right where she belongs.