Joyce D.

Joyce D.

These days, Joyce Day wakes up each morning thankful to be alive.

Not feeling well one day, Joyce went to Baptist Health Floyd. Tested for COVID-19, Joyce's results came back positive. Doctors intubated Joyce and placed her on a ventilator. She spent the next three weeks on the ventilator in the ICU. Two weeks after that, Joyce was finally ready for the next phase of her recovery.

Joyce transferred to Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital for intensive therapy and close medical monitoring. Her family chose SIRH because of the testimony of former patients and their relationship with Brad Kruer, the director of therapy.

Having spent five weeks in a hospital bed, Joyce arrived at SIRH extremely weak. She was unable to do much for herself, including standing and walking. It took all her strength just to wiggle her toes. But Joyce told herself she would recover, no matter what.

The staff at SIRH kept Joyce focused on her recovery. She noted how Josh and Molly pushed her to do her best. Connie, her nurse, encouraged her along the way. All the help and support led to daily improvements for Joyce.

Motivation came from Joyce's family, too. Her husband said the hardest part was not being able to be at Joyce's side. But every morning and afternoon he visited at her window. He never missed a visit during her stay.

After three weeks of inpatient rehabilitation, Joyce walked out the door of SIRH using only a walker. The next day, she began outpatient therapy at SIRH. Today, Joyce no longer needs assistive devices to get around.