Jill's visit to Vail with her friends was supposed to be relaxing. Instead, a broken ankle sent her to the hospital.

After undergoing surgery to repair the fracture, Jill tested positive for COVID-19. That led to several weeks in the ICU, due to the severity of the virus. Once stabilized, Jill transferred to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver to regain her function and independence.

Jill arrived at Vibra with a weight-bearing restriction. She required oxygen, and could only stand for a few minutes or walk ten feet before needing a break. Self-care activities, such as dressing and grooming, required assistance or extra time.

During her rehab stay, Jill made goals for herself. And as she progressed, Jill pushed herself to ambulate further with a walker. The staff consistently monitored her oxygen and heart rate. Soon, Jill no longer required oxygen support. Each day, Jill worked on improving her standing endurance and functional strength. And she did so with a smile on her face.

Jill drew on her motivation to return to her family and dog she hasn't seen in months. That determination helped Jill make a speedy recovery and fly back home with the support of her family.