Mark R.

Mark R.

Mark Roberts, 53, admitted to Vibra Hospital of Sacramento facing an uncertain future. Confused upon arrival, Mark had minimal ability to follow simple commands. He had suffered a fracture of his right foot and multiple metacarpal fractures on his left foot. The fractures kept Mark bed-bound.

Mark also suffered both acute and chronic respiratory failure. As a result, he underwent a tracheostomy and required a ventilator to breathe. Unable to tolerate food or liquid by mouth, Mark relied on tube feeding for proper nutrition. His stay at Vibra would require the work of many teams across the interdisciplinary spectrum. Together, they developed an aggressive plan to help Mark achieve each of his goals and restore his independence.

At first, Mark was completely dependent on the ventilator and struggled to wean from it. But Mark worked tirelessly with the respiratory team and the progress soon came. He weaned completely from the ventilator and was decannulated. Mark began breathing room air on his own again, with only minimal assistance from a nasal cannula.

Speech therapy worked with Mark during the vent weaning process to improve his swallowing. This led to a diet of soft chopped meats and thin liquids. His feeding tube, which ran continuously at first, was gradually decreased. One week after beginning an oral diet, the feeding tube was discontinued and Mark began a regular textured diet.

As Mark became more alert and oriented, his willingness to take part in therapy increased. Through rehabilitation, Mark began to regain some independence. There was little improvement for the first few sessions, as he was easily fatigued. But with consistent work, Mark's recovery accelerated. He learned to squat pivot to a chair from the bed and use the sliding board with moderate assistance. Following up with a podiatrist brought more good news. Mark transferred to an acute rehab facility after six weeks at Vibra. There, he'll be able to bear weight and walk with the use of CAM (Controlled Ankle Motion) boots. We're excited for Mark, and wish him well!