A non-traumatic spinal cord injury brought Gil to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver. Gil had recently undergone surgery to remove a tumor pressing on his spinal column. This left him with poor trunk stability and limited movement of his lower extremities. Gil required intensive rehabilitation to regain his function and independence.

When he arrived at Vibra, Gil needed a mechanical lift to help him transfer from his bed. He couldn't perform self-care tasks, relying on others for help. But Gil was determined to make a full recovery.

Not only did Gil work hard during his three hours of therapy each day, but he put in extra work, too. He advocated for himself and learned to direct his own care. And sure enough, the progress soon materialized.

Before long, Gil's discharge day arrived. He could now completely dress himself, perform toileting tasks, and stand with a walker. Gil also performed squat pivot transfers and completed high-level dynamic balance activities. His core strength and balance increased, making a safe return home possible.

And that's exactly where Gil is today: home with the support of his loving family and numerous friends.

Gil's attitude toward therapy played an important role in his recovery. He was always eager for therapy and took full advantage of his three hours each day. Gil taught everyone the importance of acknowledging all accomplishments, no matter how small. His family stayed engaged, too. They participated in family training guided by Gil's therapists. The training made sure everyone felt prepared, knowledgeable, and safe for Gil to return home, knowing how to assist him, if needed.

Looking forward, Gil plans to continue working to further his recovery. His goal is to take part again in the Prostate Cancer Walk, something he has done in years past.