Clayton B.

Clayton B.

For almost a decade, Clayton Bowling has been severely handicapped. Clayton has had a total of ten operations on his left knee and hip, including having them replaced four times apiece. To get around, he required the use of a walker. "I have become kind of sedentary," Clayton reflected. "I spend the majority of time at home with my wife and dog."

Doodles, Clayton's golden doodle, is his loyal companion. "My wife is very busy, and Doodles keeps me company throughout the day," he noted. "Every morning, I enjoy taking him out for his morning run." Clayton's routine also includes reading to pass the time and watching mystery shows on TV. And Clayton always tunes in when his beloved Stanford Cardinal are on. "If Stanford is playing, I am sure to watch, as I am an alumnus."

One day, Clayton's doorbell rang for a package delivery. He answered the door, and used his walker to pick up the package. Doodles ran out the door, and as Clayton turned, he slipped and fell. At first, Clayton didn't seek treatment. But after three days the pain worsened and he went to his primary care physician. X-rays revealed a left femur fracture.

Clayton's orthopedic doctor determined it was best to avoid surgery. He remained non-weight bearing for six weeks. Clayton came to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage for therapy. "I've stayed at Vibra in the past. Three times to be exact," he stated. "I continue to return to Vibra because I feel comfortable here, and it's close to home. The staff here really cares about my well-being. I feel well taken care of when I am here, and the staff is very cordial and helpful."

Clayton credits the staff for having the most impact on his recovery. "The nursing and therapy staff are always encouraging me and giving me positive feedback. They took such good care of me, and encouraged me to become more independent."

Limited in his mobility for ten years, Clayton knows what he needs to be successful. "I know if I don't work hard and follow-through, I will be forever limited. I really want to be as independent as I can be! I want to move about with more mobility and increase my activity level. I want to be able to continue to take Doodles out for his runs in the morning."

With his inpatient stay completed, Clayton discharged home to Indian Wells with his wife and dog. There, he continues to work out at his community gym, using a planned routine. His goal is to continue to increase his strength and mobility. "While I hope not to have to return to rehab again, if I do, I will certainly be returning to Vibra," Clayton said with a smile.