Larry D.

Larry D.

Larry Dale was an independent individual. Never married, Larry lived alone and was used to caring for himself. But when Larry's health took a turn for the worse, his independence was in jeopardy.

Suffering from respiratory failure, Larry required the support of a ventilator to breathe. Additionally, he needed a feeding tube for nutrition. To liberate from the ventilator and regain his independence, Larry admitted to Vibra Hospital of Southeastern Michigan - Taylor Campus.

When Larry arrived at Vibra, he could do very little. With all self-care activities and mobility, Larry was dependent upon the assistance of others. His swallowing reflexes were impaired, and any activity required frequent rest breaks.

But Larry was determined.

Pushing through his anxiety and fatigue, Larry worked hard on his recovery. Once weaned from the ventilator, Larry came to the gym daily for therapy. As he learned new compensation strategies, his progress accelerated.

Larry regained his independence in self-care activities. With his swallowing impairments resolved, he returned to a regular diet. Larry returned home, his mobility improved and his independence restored.