William “Jonathan” Phillips arrived at Vibra Hospital of the Central Dakotas with a poor prognosis. Several gunshot wounds left Jonathan with a partial spinal cord injury, shattered elbow requiring a pin to be surgically placed, along with multiple other injuries. With the injuries Jonathan suffered he still amazed the staff daily with his determination.

The road to recovery would be a long one for Jonathan. His injuries, pain, and anxiety caused challenges with his recovery. Jonathan had lost his ability to move in bed, to stand, and to walk. Having lost significant weight and muscle mass, Jonathan’s strength was limited.

The team at Vibra Hospital pulled together to help Jonathan with his healing journey. Physical therapy instructed Jonathan in strategies to improve muscle

memory and regain his strength and mobility. Occupational therapy helped him with daily activities such as educating him in dressing techniques, eating, and repositioning in bed. To address the pain, physical therapy provided many suggestions on how to try to control his pain. Nurses worked with Jonathan on daily cares and provided emotional support. Dietary helped him increase his caloric intake, which gave him more strength. These combined efforts enabled Jonathan to participate more fully in the therapies which would help him heal.

At the time of discharge, Jonathan was now able to dress himself, reposition in bed, and complete transfers from his bed to wheelchair with minimal assistance or supervision. His balance, strength, and ability to move all improved greatly. Jonathan was able to tolerate up to 15 minutes using a standing assistive device to strengthen his bones, joints, and muscles. He went from consuming 33% of his calorie needs to 100%, having gained back the 20 pounds he had lost since the injury.

Originally from California, Jonathan’s goal was to complete his rehabilitation closer to his family. His case manager at Vibra Hospital, Jodi, worked hard to make this happen. She facilitated a transfer to Rancho Los Amigo National Rehabilitation Center, just minutes from where his family resides. The team at Vibra Hospital of the Central Dakotas was honored to help prepare Jonathan for his continued journey to recovery.