Bobbie G.

Bobbie G.

If you're told you need therapy, trust that it will help you...your goals can be reached!

Roberta "Bobbie" Gamel knows the truth in this statement. Visiting her sister one day, Bobbie fell down several stairs. The fall left Bobbie unconscious and with several injuries, including spinal fractures and a traumatic brain injury. Treated at a level one trauma center, Bobbie underwent a craniotomy. After a prolonged hospital stay, Bobbie admitted to Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital.

Upon admission to Gateway, Bobbie was unable to use her left (dominant) hand. Bobbie's interdisciplinary care team designed an individualized rehabilitation plan. The plan addressed deficiencies with general mobility, walking, activities of daily living (ADLs), and cognition.

Bobbie Gamel admitted to Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital to recover from a spinal fracture and traumatic brain injury suffered in a fall.Bobbie worked hard, and upon completion of her intensive rehabilitation plan, she had made great progress. She discharged able to walk independently with a rolling walker and independent with self-care. To build on this progress, Bobbie continued her therapy on an outpatient basis.

On her long road to recovery, Bobbie recalls being initially discouraged. But as she journeyed that road, she found hope. Bobbie recognizes her physical therapist, Ray, as "a gentleman and a scholar," and adds that "every therapist at Gateway was upbeat, professional, and wonderful. They made it fun."

An avid golfer, Bobbie was concerned she would never return to the golf course. She is happy to report she's returned to golfing two or three times per week, including her local golf league. Similar concerns about being active in the community have been squashed. Bobbie also enjoys caring for her grandchildren and attending their sporting events.