Amelia M.

Amelia M.

In 2010, Amelia was involved in a car accident in which her vehicle rolled over. This life-threatening accident left Amelia with multiple injuries, including a spinal cord injury. The spinal cord injury left Amelia paralyzed from the waist down.

Due to the severity of her injuries, Amelia endured numerous spinal cord surgeries. With each surgical procedure, her doctor recommended outpatient therapy to increase her strength and learn the proper mechanics of transfers and daily activities.

Amelia and her family knew the importance of physical rehabilitation. They chose San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital.

“I took advantage of my rehab services at SJVRH and learned so much from Russell and Benilde, my physical therapy team,” Amelia recalled. “Over the years, I just remember looking forward to learning from a team that specializes in helping spinal cord injury patients like me.”

As the years passed, yet another unfortunate event brought Amelia back to SJVRH -- this time for inpatient rehabilitation.

“While I was in southern California recovering from surgery for Charcot spine disease, I was accidentally dropped on the floor and ended up damaging my surgical site. The surgery would need to be done again,” explained Amelia.

Charcot spine disease is a complication that some traumatic spinal cord injury patients experience. The symptoms often present themselves years after the initial injury. This rare disorder produces pain and degeneration of the spine. Left untreated, it leads to further disability.

“It was important that I come to SJVRH inpatient therapy to overcome my medical debilitation and weakness from the infection I had gotten on my surgical site,” Amelia stated. “As a patient with Charcot spine disease, I need the best care possible. So I came back to SJVRH.”

Amelia recently discharged to undergo her second surgery to treat the Charcot spine disease. She plans to return to SJVRH to continue with her inpatient therapy and training after the surgery.