Steven S.

Steven S.

Since undergoing a bilateral kidney transplant in 2000, life was wonderful for Steven Shileikis. Steven was living life to the fullest alongside his wife and son. That was, at least, until those kidneys started to fail.

The failure of Steven's kidney transplant -- nearly 20 years after the life-saving surgery -- was devastating. Having been independent for so long, Steven was now hooked up to all kinds of machines keeping him alive. A ventilator breathed for Steven while he was fed from a PEG tube. Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) provided life support for eight weeks. ECMO infuses oxygen into the blood while removing carbon dioxide in people whose heart and lungs are too weak to sustain life.

undefinedBut Steven had a reason to live -- his beloved wife and son.

That brought Steven to Vibra Hospital of Southeastern Michigan - Taylor Campus. The Shileikis family chose Vibra for their specialties in ventilator weaning and rehabilitation. And they couldn't be happier with that decision.

Steven crushed his goals during his stay at Vibra. Liberated from the ventilator, Steven returned to eating "real food" independently. His speech returned, as did his ability to write with a pen and socialize with his family. Steven also loves to exercise, which he is doing plenty of!

A determination to regain his ability to eat, talk, and walk drove Steven's recovery. He also recognized Roma (physical therapy), Stacie (speech therapy), and Stephanie (nursing) as having a significant impact on his progress. Steven is eager to return home with his family, with his eyes on his next goal: walking independently again.