John D.

John D.

Can you imagine the struggle and fear of having experienced a life-altering illness or event? The unknown, the speculation of possible outcomes, the fear of not recovering would be overwhelming. What if you had no concept of what was happening to you?

That is what happened to John.

It was a normal day when John collapsed with a torn aorta. He received life-saving medical interventions and was rushed to the hospital. John underwent invasive procedures to resuscitate him and save his life, during which he also suffered two strokes. His wife and children were told it was uncertain if he would regain consciousness or recover.

With hope, a strong will, and a committed team of care providers, John recovered. One in one thousand survives what he has gone through. John is no doubt a true miracle. But John's journey included many challenging hurdles and some setbacks to overcome.

After about two weeks, John came to Vibra Hospital of Fargo in a comatose state. He was unable to breathe on his own and many of his organs were not working for him. He was unable to understand directions and was confused at what was happening.

A lot changed during the 10 ½ weeks John spent at Vibra. The turning point was when he woke up. It was as if a light switch had been turned on. John began talking to staff and following directions. He recognized the staff's voices from when he was in a coma. He would say, “you took care of me, I recognize your voice.”

Once John woke up his recovery went very fast. Each day he got stronger and was able to do more. He transitioned from Vibra to a local rehab facility to continue his therapy. John's discharge day was a joyous occasion. The staff brought balloons and cake to celebrate his miracle. John's cardiac surgeon was invited they embraced in a hug at the foot of his bed. "I just knew you would make it," his surgeon said.

John finally got to go home after more than five months of hospitalization. His recovery is ongoing. John is working part-time for local farmers and enjoying his family. John returns to visit Vibra from time-to-time, bringing a smile to the staff each visit.