Jarred P.

Jarred P.

Other than waking with an excruciating headache, it seemed like an ordinary day to Jarred Payne. He got himself ready and headed to his job as a client management representative at Fidelity Investments. Yet that day proved to be anything but ordinary, rather marking the beginning of an incredible journey.

Jarred's headache got progressively worse over the next four days. By that fourth day, Jarred lost his ability to walk. He admitted to a local hospital and underwent a bunch of tests before receiving a diagnosis. Jarred had developed an infection that was attacking his brain. Jarred underwent brain surgery and was placed on antibiotics. It took six months for the infection to clear. The infection left Jarred with an acquired brain injury, resulting in speech and mobility deficits.

To address these deficits, Jarred came to Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital. Jarred arrived able to walk just 40 feet with the assistance of a rolling walker. Over the next six weeks, he made tremendous progress. He discharged able to walk 300 feet without assistance, only requiring supervision as a safety precaution.

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A year later, Jarred is living alone. He is nearly independent and is doing most everything on his own. He uses a two-wheel walker and orders his groceries online for home delivery. Jarred is learning how to drive again, currently working on his driving evaluation. He plans to go back to work for Fidelity Investments in 2020. Jarred also plans on resuming outpatient therapy in January 2020. He exercises daily and ensures that he walks 10,000 steps a day on a treadmill, monitored by his Fitbit.

"My inspiration came from one of my therapists at Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital," Jarred reflected. "I accepted that some days would be harder than others. My goal was to continue to put forth the effort, even on the tough days, and remind myself that it's so important to stay positive. The rewards will come. I never gave up even on the hard days, even when I had set-backs.”

Jarred’s attitude is contagious, and he is such a bright light in this world. We look forward to seeing the outcome of his journey, which is representative of his endless determination and perseverance. Jarred has been a joy and a pleasure to work with and we wish him nothing but the best on his quest for independence.