Elaine P.

Elaine P.

A deacon in her church, Elaine Parker was an active individual. But that changed dramatically when chronic respiratory failure caused Elaine to be placed on a ventilator.

To wean from the ventilator, Elaine came to Vibra Hospital of Southeastern Michigan - Taylor Campus. When she arrived, Elaine also required a feeding tube for nutritional support, due to an impairment with her swallowing reflexes. Elaine faced a difficult road to recovery.

But Elaine had a lot of support on that road. Elaine's husband, Dr. Parker, is a wonderful and supportive man. The retired teacher was by her side throughout her recovery. Elaine also drew on her faith and daily prayers for strength.

Elaine's progress was impressive.

Each day, Elaine came to the gym to work hard on her recovery. Using the compensatory strategies she learned, Elaine built on the previous day's successes. Strong and independent, Elaine refused to fail.

By her day of discharge, Elaine was back to eating a regular diet. She only required standby assist for walking, and could perform residential mobility over 150 feet. Elaine was completely independent for self-care tasks.

Elaine's next goal: enjoying the hot tub with her loving husband.