Kimberly K.

Kimberly K.

"I led a normal, everyday life," Kimberly Kiles said, reflecting on life before her stroke. "I was independent and able to care for myself. I loved taking walks every day and shopping. Being from a small town, there is not a lot to do, so my walks and shopping are very important to me!"

One day, in the midst of that daily routine, Kimberly realized something was wrong. Suddenly unable to move her right arm or leg, Kimberly sent her daughter to the neighbor's house for assistance. They drove her to the hospital right away.

In the emergency department, brain scans revealed that Kimberly had suffered a stroke. "Upon receiving this news, I was so scared and thought I would never be able to walk again," she recalled. Fortunately, there was hope for Kimberly.

While in the short-term acute care hospital, Kimberly met with a case manager who told her about Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage. "I was so happy to hear about Vibra," Kimberly remembers. "It gave me hope to hear about the rehab program and the possibility that I would walk again."

Kimberly transferred to Vibra and immediately began to work on her recovery. "My goal was to walk again and do all of the things I did before my stroke," she stated.

And that's what Kimberly did -- and more!

"With all of the encouragement I received, and my therapy team helping me, I will be going home not only able to walk again, but also being fully independent!" She continued, "my team showed me all the exercises I needed to do. All of the staff treated me with respect and provided encouragement."

"I'm excited to be going home and being able to care for myself. Not burdening my daughter is a big relief!"