Valerie C.

Valerie C.

Prior to suffering a stroke, Valerie lived a very active life. Valerie enjoyed being a homemaker, caring for her family. "I love to take care of my husband, my family, my dogs and spending time with my friends," Valerie stated. "Cleaning, cooking and caring for people really makes me happy!"

Like many who care for others, Valerie's lived an extremely busy life. Then one day, a series of events occurred that would change all that. "I had flu-like symptoms, difficulty swallowing, and a little chest pain," Valerie recalled. Her son, who was with her at the time, added "her speech was hard to understand, and she told me that she was getting weak and couldn't continue standing. Her legs wouldn't move, and she needed help."

From that point onward everything happened quickly. Before long, Valerie admitted to a local hospital. The doctors confirmed through several tests that Valerie suffered a stroke. “It was like my life was over," Valerie said. "I couldn’t walk, move my fingers, or barely make sense when I talked.”

“I felt hopeless.”

Valerie's doctors then explained how inpatient rehabilitation could improve her quality-of-life. Valerie and her family decided on San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital. Valerie transferred to SJVRH and started her inpatient stay.

“My physical therapist, Jennifer, was so positive and encouraging, even when I was having a bad day,” said Valerie. “My occupational therapist, Ed, was wonderful like everyone I came across at SJVRH.”

Valerie emphasized her motivation to get better started the moment she came to the hospital. Watching other patients put effort into their therapies and observing how the staff and patients interact was more than enough for Valerie to have hope.

“There are times when my outlook on life has been tough, but I quickly remembered that I couldn’t walk or move my fingers when I arrived at SJVRH," Valerie stated. "I left regaining my ability to walk and move my fingers!”

Valerie and her family agree that rehabilitation has made a tremendous difference, adding quality and hope back into their lives!