David J.

David J.

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David Jensen left New York for a six-month construction project in California. During the final month of the project, David fell thirty feet to the ground while framing the roof. He woke up three days later in ICU at a local hospital, thinking he had been in a car accident. David was unsure of what had happened. He had fourteen broken bones, lost 13 units of blood and required a ventilator.

David spent one month at this hospital. He had ten surgeries for his injuries. After that month, David transferred to Kentfield Hospital. When he arrived, David needed IV antibiotics for his infections and wounds. He could not walk or use his arms or hands. David could only stand with assistance and could only tolerate standing for thirty seconds.

At Kentfield, David worked diligently for seven weeks with his interdisciplinary team. His team included doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, hand therapists, and nurses. He focused on moving his hands and walking again. David would think of small goals and what he could accomplish for that day. Sometimes his daily goal was as simple as moving his thumb, and he would be thrilled if, at the end of the day, he was able to accomplish this.

David is now walking and using his arms. He exercises two hours per day. His infections are gone and his wounds have all healed. David discharged to an acute rehab facility to continue his physical therapy and recovery. David's goal when he arrived at Kentfield was to return to complete independence and he accomplished that.

When asked who he appreciated most on the Kentfield team, David said all the staff were so positive and encouraging. The nurses kept telling him, “You will recover.” When describing Kentfield, he said, “Everybody smiles here. They are all busy yet they never seemed stressed or angry.”

David looks forward to going home after the acute rehab and kiteboarding, snow skiing, hiking, and biking again.