Daniel B.

Daniel B.

A grandfather and truck driver, Daniel Benyi lived a pretty normal life. That was, until a recent illness sent him to the ICU with septic shock and respiratory failure. That life-threatening combination brought him to Vibra Hospital of Mahoning Valley.

When Daniel arrived at Vibra, he required a ventilator to breathe. Completely debilitated, Daniel could barely move in his bed. Being unable to move was a big change for a man who was used to being independent.

But Daniel's dependence would prove to only be temporary. With hard work from the respiratory staff at Vibra, Daniel liberated from the ventilator, breathing again on his own. The rehabilitation team quickly began to mobilize him, as well. Even before he liberated from the vent, Daniel's therapists were getting him out of bed and standing him at the edge of the bed. Eventually, Daniel could get himself out of bed and be seen walking down the hallway with the rehab team. Daniel could even walk up-and-down a flight of stairs without the use of a walker.

Daniel's kidneys had improved greatly by discharge, no longer needing the dialysis he required upon arrival. His wounds healed with the assistance of the nursing staff. Daniel also weaned off the medications that he previously needed to keep him alive. Soon, Daniel discharged from Vibra and returned to his home.

“This is the best hospital ever," Daniel said. "I love it here. Everyone here was great, from the therapists to the nurses and doctors. I am excited to go home but I would recommend this hospital to everyone I know.”