Daniel B.

Daniel B.

It was a Friday when Daniel Boone suddenly developed a temperature so relentless his wife had to take him to the immediate care center. Following a diagnostic workup, the doctors sent Daniel to the local ER to have more tests run. When he arrived at the emergency room, he had an IV placed and more tests completed. The doctors diagnosed Daniel with pneumonia and sent him home with medication and orders to rest.

By 4 pm on Sunday, Daniel told his wife he couldn't breathe and needed to go to the hospital. Daniel has no recollection of this event, nor the next few days. Sunday night, doctors sedated Daniel and placed him on a vent. Daniel was septic and his kidneys were rapidly failing. He was put on dialysis and plasmapheresis. By Monday, doctors were delivering Mrs. Boone the tough message that Daniel might not be able to make it through this. With tears in her eyes, she called her son serving in Okinawa. He needed to return home to possibly say goodbye to his father.

Fortunately for all, that moment never came.

Seventeen long days later, Daniel had recovered enough to be taken off the vent safely. But because of Daniel's prolonged illness, he needed extensive therapy. When he awoke, Daniel couldn't move either of his legs nor his right arm. He experienced significant weakness in his left arm and core. And in his dominant right hand, Daniel possessed no grip strength or fine motor skills. Daniel was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr virus.

More problems arose when it was time to leave the hospital. Insurance difficulties required Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital's Dr. Thompson to step in. Dr. Thompson wrote an appeal letter to the insurance representatives in order to allow admission to SIRH’s level of care.

Finally, Daniel made it to SIRH and started inpatient therapy. He reports that it took a few days to clear the cobweb feeling in his head, but he knew he was right where he needed to be. Daniel was introduced to his main therapists Amanda Chesser, OT and Maria Miller, PTA. Amanda and Maria motivated him and pushed him to be his best. He says, “The therapists here are absolutely fantastic. There is no way that I would be where I am without them.” Daniel often told them that if they ever had extra time, or if any patient canceled, to please come and get him to do extra therapy. And they would.

Daniel can now sit on the edge of the bed with stability, walk with assistance, and the movement is returning to his arms. His fine motor skills and grip strength have improved dramatically. Daniel will continue to work in SIRH’s outpatient department to continue on his road to recovery.

Daniel feels lucky to have found the services offered at SIRH. He had special thanks to give to his nurse, Jan, his aide, Fred, and his other therapists Dan, Rebecca, Jennifer, and Matthew. He appreciates that everyone always has a smile on their face and always provides positivity. Daniel's hopes are to recover 100% by his birthday in August and wants to get back to yard work and his hobby of shooting.

“I got pissed off that this happened to me and that I got robbed of the things that I love to do," Daniel says. "But with the motivation of my wife, my son, and the fraternity brothers that came to visit and sent me texts, I will be continuing to work to gain the freedom of movement again."