Patricia H.

Patricia H.

A life-changing event can test a person beyond their preserved limits, proving they can do so much more than ever imagined. That's what happened to Patricia after she was involved in a serious car accident. The accident left Patricia with extensive injuries, including:

  • Subarachnoid hemorrhage (stroke)
  • Multiple rib fractures
  • Spleen injury
  • Mandibular (jaw) fractures
  • Fractured pelvis

Patricia walks the halls of SKY Rehab with her therapistAfter the accident, Patricia spent six days in a Nashville trauma center. To begin her recovery, Patricia admitted to SKY Rehab. Her goal was to return home after discharge. Her immediate family doubted this would be possible.

There was no time wasted in beginning her therapy at SKY. “I arrived on a gurney," Patricia recalled, "and within 45 minutes of arriving, they had me down in the therapy gym doing my evaluations."

For someone who has traveled the world and taken care of herself without the need for assistance, Patricia's recovery was difficult, to say the least. Because of her many fractures, Patricia found it difficult to roll over in the bed without extreme pain. The pelvic fracture left Patricia unable to place any weight on her left side.

Patricia celebrates a successful vehicle transfer during inpatient rehabilitationPatricia credits her success to the support and guidance she received from all the staff at SKY Rehab. "Everyone has treated me like I’m family," Patricia explained. "They’re my team and I have trust in them. They are not going to tell me to do something that I can’t do, or that isn’t safe, so I know that I can push through and do this!”

When Patricia met her weekly goals, she acknowledged the excitement the whole team had for her success was a big motivating factor for her.

Patricia admits that given the magnitude of the accident it would have been easy for her to give in to self pity. But the support she received at SKY kept her determined and upbeat. “I’ve trusted them, done as they have asked me to do, and we have had such a good give & take relationship that I AM going home able to take care of myself!”

Upon discharge, Patricia had progressed to no longer needing the assistance of a wheelchair. She could ambulate solely with a walker and was almost completely independent with all her activities of daily living.

The employees of SKY Rehab would like to congratulate Patricia on her amazing recovery!