Matthew A.

Matthew A.

It's a miracle that Matthew Adams is still alive.

Matthew had spent the previous month in a local ICU before transferring to Kentfield Hospital. Most of that month was spent in a drug-induced coma. His mouth wired shut, Matthew arrived at Kentfield on a trach collar. Hesitant to sleep, the 40-year-old Matthew feared he might not wake up again.

The cause of Matthew's injuries? A drunk driver crossed the double-line, colliding head-on with Matthew's vehicle.

The photos of Matthew's crushed car are chilling.

But Matthew is a man with a lot to fight for. His family has played a key role in his recovery. Every day, Matthew's mother visited him. His daughter visited frequently, as well.

"She is my rock," Matthew said of his daughter.

Determined to return home to his family, Matthew fought to overcome his injuries. He worked diligently for six weeks with his team of therapists, nurses, intensivists and neuro physicians.

"They saved my life," Matthew said of the team that cared for him.

Today, Matthew is walking and talking. He is preparing to discharge home, looking forward to spending quality time with his family. One thing he looks forward to most? Celebrating many more birthdays with his two-year-old grandson, with whom he shares a birthday.