Isabel G.

Isabel G.

No one expects a trip to the casino will end in the hospital. But that's what happened to Isabel Garcia when she suffered a fall at a local casino.

Isabel describes the ground level fall as a "freak accident." After her fall, Isabel admitted to THOP Memorial. There, she was diagnosed with a closed displaced proximal right femur fracture -- or a broken right hip.

Isabel underwent surgery to heal the fracture, but she wasn't ready to return home. The pain was still intense -- an 8-out-of-10, according to Isabel. Additionally, Isable's mobility was impaired and she could not independently perform activities of daily living.

To address these issues, Isabel admitted to Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital.

At Highlands, Isabel received intensive, interdisciplinary rehabilitation on an inpatient basis. She made notable improvements functionally, and after 13 days, discharged home with her family.

Isabel noted she received "good care from nurses and staff." Adding, "they were all very professional and friendly."

Friendly is something Isabel certainly understands. In less than two weeks, she became friends with everyone at Highlands. Isabel continues to receive physical and occupational therapy at Highlands on an outpatient basis.