Gregory L.

Gregory L.

“If I can give somebody encouragement that has my similar situation that’s what I want.”

On vacation with his family and friends, Gregory Liles suffered a fall. In the fall, Gregory hit the back of his head on the concrete. The impact left him unconscious. Gregory was rushed to the closest hospital, where he was diagnosed with a severe brain injury.

Initially in the ICU in critical condition, Gregory was treated for his injuries. As he became more medically stable, Gregory began therapy in the acute care hospital. Facing a long road to recovery, Gregory and his wife chose Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital for intensive inpatient therapy.

Arriving at Gateway, Gregory required assistance for functional mobility, transfers and ambulation. He also had significant cognitive deficits. After 12 days at Gateway, Gregory made such great progress he could return home with his wife. While Gregory would require supervision due to the cognitive deficits, he could walk with minimal assistance without a device.

Gregory continues his rehabilitation through Gateway's outpatient department. His determination and hard work has paid off greatly. Gregory has already met all his physical and occupational therapy goals. While he continues to work with speech therapy on cognition and memory, there is continued progress.

"I haven't had a headache or medical issue in nine days," Gregory happily reports.

Prior to the accident, Gregory worked full-time and enjoyed riding his motorcycle. He can't wait to pick up where he left off.

"I want to return to work, and with this nicer weather, I want to get back on my motorcycle and ride.”