Ellen O.

Ellen O.

It's been a long time since Shirleen "Ellen" Olson has been home. For about five months, Ellen has been hospitalized, including over 20 days in a local ICU.

Several GI procedures, followed by respiratory failure, left Ellen very weak and ill. This led Ellen to Vibra Hospital of Fargo.

When Ellen arrived at Vibra, she couldn't sit on the edge of the bed without the assistance of two people. In order to breathe, Ellen required a ventilator.

Ellen's interdisciplinary care team got right to work. After 16 days, she weaned from the ventilator. Unfortunately, Ellen suffered a respiratory setback, which required she be placed back on the ventilator. However, she would soon wean off the ventilator again, this time for good.

Through Ellen's self-determination and continued hard work with her care team, Ellen made great progress with her strength, as well. She can propel herself to stand in a wheelchair, sit on the edge of the bed, and stand using the EZ-stand.

"There are a lot of angels and miracles at Vibra," Ellen's husband stated. "We would absolutely return here to receive care."