Sharon E.

Sharon E.

Sharon Eckstein recalled the moment her husband knew something was wrong. “I had just returned from vacationing in Mexico when my husband said I was not acting right and my speech was altered.”

Sharon had suffered a stroke.

Shortly after her symptoms started, Sharon was flown to UC Medical Center. There, physicians diagnosed her with an acute right MCA stroke. Sharon suffered significant left-sided weakness and had trouble speaking, communicating and swallowing. To regain her prior level of function, Sharon would require intensive rehabilitation.

Sharon chose Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital for her recovery. She spent 11 days in inpatient rehabilitation, participating in physical, occupational and speech therapies. After completing her inpatient stay, Sharon discharged home with renewed independence. She no longer required assistance to walk or eat, and her ability to communicate was restored.

Today, Sharon continues her recovery with the outpatient program at Gateway. The goal for outpatient therapy is to rebuild the strength in her left hand. And Sharon is already making great progress on that goal.

"After my stroke, I wasn't able to pick up a piece of paper with my left hand," Sharon recalls. "Now, it is almost back to normal!"

Having met nearly all her long-term goals, Sharon is very happy with her progress. She is back to gardening outdoors and babysitting her grandchildren.

“Dr. Mook and the staff at Gateway were excellent and very encouraging," Sharon said, noting the role Gateway played in her recovery. "And Julia in outpatient has been great!”