Mark A.

Mark A.

Driving to work on the 40 freeway one early morning in 1985, Mark Armenta encountered some black ice on the road near Barstow. Trying to avoid another car, Mark lost control of his vehicle. He went over an embankment, flipped several times and was ejected from the vehicle.

The following 18 hours were the most terrifying of Mark's life. Because of the embankment, he couldn't be seen from the road. Mark came in-and-out of consciousness, hoping someone would find him. He feared the worst, and that this is where he would die.

Thankfully, Mark's co-workers began searching for him when he didn't show for work. Knowing the route he took to work, they found his car first, and about 300 feet away, they found Mark.

Mark landed on his head when he was ejected from his vehicle and suffered a spinal cord injury. The injury left him a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the chest down. Mark was admitted to Barstow Community Hospital before being transferred to Community Hospital of San Bernardino for spinal surgery. After recovering from the surgery he admitted to Ballard for extensive rehabilitation. Upon completion of his rehabilitation, Mark discharged home with his family. He has been living an active and productive life ever since.

Thirty-four years later, Mark experienced complications from the spinal cord injury. The complications led him back into the hospital for extensive wound care. He was deconditioned from the hospitalization and needed a “reboot” to get back to his former level of function. Mark again requested to complete his therapy at Ballard Rehabilitation Hospital. At Ballard, Mark has made significant gains and is back to his prior level of function. He is in great spirits as he prepares to head back home.