Nancy & Mike H.

Nancy & Mike H.

Nancy and Mike Hemphill lived a busy life. Full-time jobs. A daughter living at home along with two high school foreign exchange students. All the activities that come along with that.

Things changed immediately when Mike suddenly suffered a stroke. On top of handling day-to-day tasks, Nancy was now a caregiver to her husband of 28 years, too.

Nancy spent many hours at Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital. There, she attended therapy sessions, family training, and ate meals with Mike. All the while, Nancy maintained her full-time job as a claims adjuster for Humana.

Little did Nancy and Mike realize, their lives were about to be changed again.

Nancy had been visiting a friend who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Nancy left her friend's house around 11:00 am. The next thing she remembered was waking up in the hospital. Nancy's car had been struck head-on by a vehicle whose driver had fallen asleep at the wheel and crossed the median.

The accident left Nancy with multiple fractures. Her injuries included fractures of her toes, her right foot, ankle and knee, her ribs, sternum, and collarbone. She had a very difficult time moving and was initially unable to put weight on some of her extremities.

When her doctors told Nancy she needed additional therapy, she knew exactly where she wanted to be. Nancy wanted to join her husband at SIRH. There, Nancy and Mike had rooms across-the-hall from each other. The loving couple provided support to each other during therapy sessions, aiding in their recoveries.

Nancy and Mike made great progress and discharged home from inpatient rehabilitation. They continued their recovery through the outpatient therapy department at SIRH. They are each improving daily.

"They are hard as all get out, but in the best way possible," Nancy said in praise of their therapists. "They get you moving and get you back to feeling like you can accomplish your goals. I struggled with attempting to get in-and-out of the car and was terrified when I first started to stand up again, but they were supportive and encouraging every step of the way.”

“I am still working on decreasing my pain, increasing my strength and learning about proper positioning for my body to perform at its best.” She encourages others in a difficult place “to keep looking at where you want to be and make goals to achieve it.”

Nancy feels so blessed that everyone has been so good to her. She would like to send a special thank you to her inpatient and outpatient therapists: Dave (OT), Gerry Anne (PT), and Karissa (PT).