Tom C.

Tom C.

“I remember being at a stop sign and a young kid texting hit me.”

A serious motorcycle accident left Tom Cocagne with a cervical spinal cord injury. He spent over a month at a long-term acute care facility recovering from his injuries. “I couldn’t do anything," Tom recalled. "I was a complete quadriplegic.”

Tom went home for a short time, but eventually admitted to Frazier Rehab Institute for more intensive rehabilitation. Unfortunately, during his time at Frazier, Tom suffered a stroke. His recovery journey would continue for several months.

“My goal was to walk without an assistive device,” said Tom.

To achieve this goal, Tom needed to continue to work on his functional mobility and strength. He chose Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital's outpatient therapy department to help restore his independence.

At Gateway, Tom received both physical and occupational therapy. Tom worked with his therapists on balance, upper & lower body strength, activities of daily living, coordination, endurance, and gait mechanics. The results were impressive.

Tom's balance improved significantly, increasing by 15 points on the Berg Balance Test. His walking speed, mechanics and endurance all made substantial progress, as well. Tom performed gait training without an assistive device, and became more independent with forearm crutches. He improved to performing 90% of his activities of daily living without assistance.

Thankful for the progress he made, Tom reflected on his experience at Gateway. “I would compare Gateway’s outpatient program to Frazier Rehab," he noted. "Everyone is great here!”