Thomie H.

Thomie H.

Thomie Hogan arrived at Vibra Hospital of Northern California with one goal in mind: walking out the door on his own two feet.

The challenge facing Thomie was great. He arrived at Vibra with acute hypoxic respiratory failure and pneumonia. This left him severely deconditioned and weak.

But Thomie was up to the challenge.

At first, Thomie required maximal-dependent assistance for all mobility and care. But he worked hard every day in therapy and with his interdisciplinary care team. Soon, Thomie transitioned to the Transitional Care Unit, and eventually, home.

At discharge, Thomie did just as he intended. Requiring only the assistance of a walker, Thomie walked out the door on his own two feet

Thomie, you left a memorable impression on all us, with your upbeat personality and knowledge of all musical genres. Thank you for allowing us the joy of taking part in your recovery!