Linda R.

Linda R.

"Life before the fractures was busy because, basically, I run the household with groceries, laundry, housekeeping, cooking and planning for social activities. I also belong to several groups/clubs, I walk long distances everyday for exercise.

My injury happened so fast, I really don’t know exactly how it all happened. But here is my best guess. So, I have osteoporosis and my bones break very easily. We were having a dinner party celebrating the holidays. When I went to get up from the couch, I must have tripped and fell. There was terrific pain and I couldn’t get up!

I was taken to the emergency department at Eisenhower Medical Center, where I was diagnosed with a broken ankle on my left leg and a smaller fracture on my right ankle and fracture to the left wrist. I was placed in a soft cast on my left leg due to all the swelling. The doctor put my right foot in a knee high boot, and my left arm was placed in splint. The left arm and left leg were completely non-weight bearing!

I chose Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage for inpatient rehabilitation because I needed to get back independent as soon as possible.

My recovery was most influenced by the positive attitude of every single person that worked with me at Vibra. Everyone was so helpful, kind, supportive, responsive to my needs, and professional! I have never met so many fine people all in one place. So willing to go out of their way to help make me comfortable and teach me how to gain back my independence.

Every single staff member was excellent. There is no way I can name just one! Christian and Connor stand out for sure, but every single person, even environmental services and food delivery people, were caring and compassionate when they were in my room.

My motivation for recovery was the value I place on independence. Success to me is making a plan, following the plan, and achieving the goals set. That is exactly what happened at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage.

I am excited to get back home to my own house and spend time with my family who have all come out to support me. I can’t believe how independent I have become after therapy. I am so proud I made it through rehab, with three broken limbs, and am on my way home!

I am so grateful for the spectacular care from the staff and the beautiful recovery I was able to make."