Dolores M.

Dolores M.

Dolores Martinez, age 78, is full of life. She is an avid bowler and loves to shop. Her greatest love is her family, which is evident in their interactions together.

Dolores’ children grew concerned when she started to feel sick and weak and was unable to get better from a cold. Dolores was immediately taken to the hospital. Her condition worsened and doctors were determined to find the cause of her illness. They discovered that she had contracted West Nile Virus. She was placed on a ventilator to help her breathe while she was being treated for the virus. Her children were anxious about their mother's uncertain future.

Dolores was having difficulty weaning from the ventilator. Her physicians decided to transfer Dolores to Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana. Upon arrival, Dolores remained dependent on the ventilator. Her care team formulated a plan based on Dolores' individualized needs. Within 13 days of arrival, our respiratory team was able to liberate her from the ventilator.

undefinedWeaning from the ventilator was only one part of Dolores' recovery. Physical and occupational therapy worked with Dolores to regain the strength in her muscles. Therapists worked her on the therapy gym exercise bike. They also helped Dolores with activities of daily living, such as brushing her hair and teeth. With the assistance of her therapists, Dolores was able to sit up and get out of bed.

“She was very determined and eager to get out of bed and try to do exercises. We were able to get her out of bed and into a wheelchair,” said Romeo Roldan, physical therapist.

As a result of the progress Dolores made at Vibra, she was able to discharge to an acute rehabilitation facility. There, Dolores will receive more therapy to continue increasing her strength.

We thank Dolores for trusting us with her recovery, and wish her the best on her journey back to better!