Carol H.

Carol H.

Carol Holmes had just returned to work at UPS as a Tug Driver. Having recently undergone a total knee replacement, Carol had completed her recovery process. She enjoyed an active life with her husband, Larry.

Then Carol began noticing changes.

First, it was a decline in her balance. Then numbness and weakness in her arms. Her hand began to draw up into a fist, and it became increasingly difficult to spread her fingers.

Tests revealed that five discs were lying against Carol's spinal cord in the cervical region. After surgery to correct the issue, Carol spent two weeks in inpatient therapy. For continued outpatient therapy, Carol chose Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital at River Ridge.

Carol and Larry chose River Ridge not only because it was closer to home, but because it offered both physical and occupational therapy services. Carol's main goal for her recovery was the motivation to be able to wash her own hair again.

"Some things started getting better right after surgery, like the numbness in my arms and my gait," Carol reported. "But some things have taken a longer time. I am really glad I chose River Ridge. I couldn't be happier with the professionalism and care I have received from my physical therapist, Jessica Hawley, and my occupational therapist, Dave Cantor."

Carol is looking forward to getting back to her active lifestyle, and would like to thank Jessica and Dave for all their hard work.