Sylvia M.

Sylvia M.

Sylvia arrived at Vibra Hospital of Central Dakotas with a complicated medical history -- a history that suggest Sylvia was lucky to even be alive.

Sylvia and her husband, Ron, live on a few acres of cropland and raise cattle and ewes. In a couple short months, those animals will be giving birth. But after spending several weeks in a short-term acute care hospital, Sylvia was in no condition to return home. She came to Vibra to regain her physical strength and mobility.

While the goal was to get Sylvia home, the condition of her health made it likely she would first discharge to a skilled nursing facility. Sylvia required full assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs). From her bed to the recliner or toilet was the most she could ambulate. A small wound also needed to heal.

Despite the long road to recovery, Sylvia got to work with her care team. Physical and occupational therapy helped Sylvia regain her independence. Never complaining and a pleasure to work with, Sylvia made great progress. Her mobility improved to ambulating over 400 feet with a walker. She can complete her ADLs independently. Sylvia progressed to wearing her own clothing, rather than patient gowns. Her wound healed.

Sylvia was incredibly grateful.

"The wonderful staff, from housekeeping to the doctors, has helped me every step of the way," Sylvia reflected. "I will miss each one of them," Sylvia said, with happy tears in her eyes. "And I would recommend Vibra to family and friends. I received daily encouragement to keep working hard. The baby steps each day got me over the hurdles to be able to go home."

Less than two weeks after arriving at Vibra, Sylvia discharged home -- not to a skilled nursing facility as originally anticipated -- thanks to her hard work and positive attitude, paired with excellent clinical care. But she knows the work isn't done yet.

"OT and PT have given me exercises to continue my success at home," she noted. "I will continue to follow them so I am ready to go out for daily chores and help welcome all the baby lambs and calves into the world."

Thank you, Sylvia, for letting us play a role in your return home to your loved ones. We're so proud of your success!