Fernando M.

Fernando M.

Fernando Montoya is lucky to be alive.

Fernando was the rear passenger in a vehicle involved in an accident. He crawled out of the car shortly before it caught fire. The other three passengers did not survive the crash.

Admitted to a local short-term acute care hospital, Fernando was treated for multiple injuries. He then transferred to Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital.

When Fernando arrived at Highlands, he was in significant, uncontrolled pain. Due to the injuries suffered in the crash, Fernando also required increased assistance and time to perform tasks. The goal for his stay at Highlands was to address his significant functional deficits while managing his pain.

While at Highlands, Fernando benefited from the support of his loved ones. Each week, his friends, family and physicians visited with him.

Fernando put in hard work with his physical and occupational therapists. And that hard work paid off. At discharge, Fernando could complete many tasks independently, including eating and upper-body dressing. His comprehension, expression, social interaction, problem solving and memory also improved to independence. Fernando also made great progress with grooming, hygiene, bathing, lower-body dressing, toileting, transfers and ambulation.

Pleased and grateful for the care he received, Fernando discharged home with his family. He now participates in outpatient therapy at Highlands. Thank you, Fernando, for letting us play a role in your journey back to independence!