Cody N.

Cody N.

Cody Nolin's motorcycle accident was a serious one.

The crash left Cody with multiple fractures, a punctured lung and a laceration to a large vein in his leg. He was flown to UCMC to be seen by the trauma team. They treated Cody's injuries before discharging him to Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital.

At Gateway, Cody would begin his healing and participate in intensive inpatient rehabilitation. When he arrived, he wasn't able to bear weight on his right leg. But Cody is a determined individual. He worked hard with physical and occupational therapy on his recovery. After a couple weeks, Cody could walk 150 feet with a rolling walker and could go up-and-down 12 stairs.

Upon completion of his inpatient stay, Cody discharged back to UCMC. There, Cody would undergo an additional surgery to remove hardware from his right ankle. Post surgery, Cody returned to Gateway for outpatient rehabilitation. This time, the focus was on helping Cody restore his strength and range of motion.

Prior to the accident, Cody worked full-time and played soccer four days per week. Currently, Cody is working from home, but his goal is to return to the office -- and play soccer as often as possible. During his last therapy session Cody reported he was "doing good -- I jogged and my ankle was sore for less than a day."