Billie Jean C.

Billie Jean C.

Billie Jean was diligent about seeing her cardiologist. For years, she had an annual EKG, ultrasounds, and PET scans – all resulting in normal findings. Billie Jean also ensured her chronic kidney disease was closely monitored, visiting her nephrologist regularly. Over the years, Billie Jean learned that preventive practice was an important part of remaining healthy.

One day, Billie Jean began to experience weakness and fatigue. This prompted Billie Jean to see her nephrologist. Already receiving dialysis treatments twice a week, this new symptom concerned her. Billie Jean and her sister were concerned her kidneys were beginning to shut down.

After a PET scan, followed by an angiogram, Billie Jean braced herself for the findings. Results showed blockages in both her left and right arteries. Surgery to insert stents was quickly scheduled.

On the operating table, all plans went out the window. Billie Jean’s cardiologist discovered her diagnosis was much more severe than he anticipated. Billie Jean required a procedure he did not specialize in.

Once Billie Jean awakened from the anesthesia, her cardiologist updated her on the new diagnosis. She now needed open heart surgery. The doctor explained they would need to remove veins from other parts of her body to replace the damaged arteries.

Naturally, Billie Jean was frightened and reluctant to move forward with the newly presented procedure. However, after much thought, she decided to move forward. This procedure would give Billie Jean the best chance of continuing the love-filled life she lived.

Billie Jean's doctor strongly encouraged she transfer to an acute care hospital. Billie Jean would not only undergo cardiac surgery, but two other procedures, as well. Her doctor felt an acute care rehabilitation hospital offered the most promising road to recovery. She spoke at length with her brother-in-law, a physician, about her options. He highly recommended San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital.

“From the moment I entered the facility, I felt the warmth and care starting at the front desk,” Billie Jean stated. “The whole staff could not be friendlier. They really do show they care, and I’ve been blessed to have come here.” Billie Jean explained how much she appreciates the work that was put into caring for her so that she could finally get back home. She stated that SJVRH was exactly what she needed to get back home safely to her family and friends!