Alvin O.

Alvin O.

We all envision retirement as a time to do the things we enjoy with ease. What if that reality became jeopardized by an unexpected health event? That is exactly what happened to Alvin O.

Alvin continues his recovery through the outpatient therapy department at SKY Rehab.Alvin was enjoying his retirement from Holley by taking his wife to breakfast every morning, taking care of his yard and garden, and camping whenever possible. That all changed when Alvin woke his wife around 4 a.m. one Sunday morning, unable to move from where he was sleeping. Quickly, his condition worsened and he was life-flighted to Nashville. There he was diagnosed with a significant stroke affecting his entire right side with cognition impairment.

Within four days of his diagnosis, Alvin was transferred to SKY Rehab to begin an inpatient recovery process that lasted 14 weeks. “For the first 2-3 weeks I wasn’t able to do anything or I just didn’t comprehend what was going on,” Alvin recalled. His progress was slow moving at first. It took a month before Alvin was able to walk more than 50 feet with maximum assistance.

“If the patient is willing to put in the work, they’ll see the difference that the therapy makes on their mobility," Alvin offered, when asked his advice for other patients.

"SKY is a good place to be," Alvin added. "They are working for you, trying to help you which is why I wanted to come to SKY, because I knew how good they are.”

Alvin continues his recovery through the outpatient therapy department at SKY. He is determined to be able to work in his yard again this summer. The employees of SKY Rehab would like to thank Alvin and his family for allowing us to be a part of his recovery. We look forward to helping him meet all of his goals!