Robert F.

Robert F.

“It was a typical Sunday,” Robert recalled. Robert and his wife started their morning at church, as they did each Sunday. After services concluded, they planned to spend some time golfing. But a minor incident at church would foreshadow trouble ahead. During services, Robert became slightly unsteady and stumbled. He regained his balance and otherwise felt fine.

The couple settled in at home after services and got ready golfing. Since they live on the course, Robert drove his wife in their cart to play nine holes with a few friends.

Not long after they began their round, Robert knew something was wrong. "While on the golf course, I realized I was not feeling well," Robert recalled. "I decided to sit it out and let my wife finish."

As an avid golf player who played at a high level of the sport, this was very unusual for Robert.

After returning home, Robert's wife noticed he wasn't himself. Robert displayed signs of lower body weakness, and his wife called 9-1-1. An ambulance transported Robert to the emergency department at the nearest hospital. But multiple tests over six hours revealed nothing. With no signs of a stroke or other condition requiring admittance to the hospital, Robert was released to return home.

But the next morning, Robert’s condition worsened. His wife called 9-1-1, and once again he was transported to the emergency room. This time, however, it was confirmed that Robert suffered a stroke. He was admitted to the hospital for several days, and his doctor recommended inpatient rehabilitation.

Prior to suffering his stroke, Robert didn't know about San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital. "I asked a few questions," Robert stated. "I decided to come here, and I'm glad I did!"

Robert made great progress during his inpatient stay at SJVRH. "I couldn't walk when I first got here. But even in this short period of time, I've improved and can stand and even walk."

“I wouldn’t be in this improved condition today If I went anywhere else. I’m sure of it”.

“The level of care I’ve received is wonderful – from the nursing staff, to the cleaning staff, and the meal delivery people – all are exceptionally caring people,” stated Robert.

Preparing to return home, Robert considered what lies ahead. “I’m probably not going to start driving right away or playing golf just yet. But I’m thankful for the people who have supported me and maybe one day soon, I’ll be back at it again.”