Helping Out Our American Heroes: Dr. Diego Hernandez and Dr. Carlos Garcia

Helping Out Our American Heroes: Dr. Diego Hernandez and Dr. Carlos Garcia

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When our veterans transition from active duty to life as a civilian, they often face an even tougher opponent: depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, this is a battle that is often lost, with 22 veterans committing suicide each day. But one organization is working hard to change that.

On this episode of Continuum, Dr. Diego Hernandez, the Clinical Director of ART Research and Dr. Carlos Garcia, a licensed psychologist, Marine combat veteran, and first responder, join us to discuss the mental health challenges many of our veterans face. Dr. Hernandez and Dr. Garcia work with HOOAH, a 100% volunteer organization dedicated to helping our veterans.

The doctors share sobering statistics regarding the mental health crisis our veterans face and explain why the transition from service to civilian life can be so challenging. They discuss emerging therapies that are providing relief to service members, how HOOAH is working to connect veterans with that relief, and how civilians and veterans can work together to end the stigma surrounding mental health.


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