Stephen E.

Stephen E.

Stephen Ensinger lived a busy life, caring for two very important women in his life: his mother and his sister. Stephen regularly drove them to appointments and helped them out with everyday activities. That was, until he suffered multiple strokes.

The two separate, major strokes that Stephen suffered had a significant impact on his health. He went into respiratory failure, leaving him dependent on a ventilator to breathe. This led him to Vibra Hospital of Mahoning Valley.

Under the care of Vibra's doctors and nurses, Stephen's medical condition improved. Working with respiratory therapy, he shed the ventilator and began breathing again on his own. With physical and occupational therapy, Stephen regained his ability to get in-and-out of bed, as well as taking some steps. Speech therapy helped him restore his voice and return to eating solid foods.

"I really didn't think I would ever get back to normal again," Stephen said. "But the staff here gave me hope. They were very positive and pushed me to do things I didn't think were possible."

"I would recommend this hospital to anyone!"