Reginald H.

Reginald H.

When Reginald Howard arrived at Vibra Hospital of Southeastern Michigan - Taylor Campus, he faced an uphill battle. Suffering from acute and chronic respiratory failure, Reginald's overall health was poor. In addition to requiring a ventilator to breathe, Reginald's diet was modified due to swallowing concerns.

As a result, Reginald required assistance for all mobility and self care activities, also known as activities of daily living (ADLs). Understandably, this also affected his ability to participate in physical and occupational therapy.

Respiratory therapy worked to improve Reginald's breathing and wean him from the ventilator. Dietary addressed Reginald's nutritional deficits to increase his strength. In turn, Reginald's participation in his therapy sessions increased.

Never of concern was Reginald's work ethic. Clearly motivated to heal, he put all the hard work in necessary to recover. And as he gained strength and energy, the progress increased rapidly.

Reginald discharged to a skilled nursing facility after making great strides at Vibra. He was decannulated and can now breathe room air. His dietary restrictions were lessened, and requires less assistance for mobility and ADLs. Reginald will focus on balance and pre-gait training while at the skilled nursing facility. And given his attitude and mindset, we have no doubts he will see continued success.