Hardin S.

Hardin S.

An energetic retiree, Hardin enjoys remaining active for himself, his family and his church. Taking care of his yard and garden and being an active member of his church community kept him busy. And of course, his beloved Kentucky Wildcats.

That was until one Sunday morning in March. Hardin went to church early to adjust the heat in preparation for the upcoming morning service. He returned home to take a nap before service. When he awoke, his wife knew something was wrong. Unable to communicate clearly with his wife, Hardin also exhibited some facial drooping. She called her son, Michael, who recognized these as signs of a stroke.

Hardin was rushed to an area hospital and immediately airlifted to Louisville. He spent four days there before being transferred to SKY Rehab for inpatient rehabilitation. Upon admission to SKY, Hardin recalled his biggest challenges were his inability to communicate and remember things as he previously could. He also had difficulty with ambulation.

undefinedHardin credits his recovery to the therapists and staff and SKY. “I would tell any other stroke patient that they couldn’t get no better treatment anywhere else. SKY is where they need to come!”

At SKY, Hardin's family were included in the recovery process. Michael noted this played a role in his father's success. "We were encouraged to observe his daily regiments so we could help carry those exercises over once he went home. All of the staff had a very loving and caring demeanor about them, and that came through in the way they cared for us."

According to Hardin, the person that deserves the most praise for his recovery is his wife, Carolyn. "I wouldn't have been able to do nearly as much without her support! She makes sure I'm straight with my medications, and she doesn't let me forget things. She keeps me on track."

From the staff here at SKY Rehab – Hardin, we sincerely thank you and your family for trusting in us and allowing us the opportunity to be a part of your recovery!